What is Wrong with My Air Conditioner

There are so many reasons to love summer, but that quickly becomes overshadowed when coming home to a home without air-conditioning. On days of excessive heat, it is almost more comfortable being outside than being inside with a busted air conditioner. There are many moving parts with an air conditioner, which means that there is a slew of issues that can cause it to break. One of the most common summertime air conditioner problems is when the system freezes up. If you notice this problem, you should not hesitate to reach out for HVAC in Livingston NJ.

HVAC Livingston NJ

There are many reasons why your AC unit is freezing up, and so HVAC repair is the only way to identify what's causing your issue. All air conditioners need airflow to maintain cold coils. Warm air within the home is required for the coils to stay cold, and without it, it would be difficult for the system to keep the temperature above freezing.

Dirty air filters, as well as closed air registers, drastically impede airflow. To ensure airflow is consistent, you should make sure to check both frequently. If not, make sure that a repair technician gives your system the proper maintenance it needs.

Your system can also freeze because of low refrigerant levels. Without enough refrigerant, coils cannot stay cold. The best HVAC Livingston NJ has can help you fix this problem so that you stay cool all summer long

Air Conditioning Repair in Livingston NJ

Faulty thermostats are also another cause of system freeze-ups. During the cooling process, water vapor is condensed into a liquid that is then drained outside the system. When coils are frozen, the ice will block the drain. The AC system will still run, but it doesn't run or cool properly. It will waste electricity as well as causing your monthly energy bills to skyrocket. Reach out for HVAC Livingston NJ today!

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