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HVAC systems are not foolproof. Many issues happen to your unit throughout its lifetime. Do not let this get you down. It's important to be mindful of common problems HVAC systems face that require repair. Make sure you have the number to a reliable HVAC Livingston, NJ company. Our trained professionals know what to do.

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What are the most common reasons your HVAC system needs repair work?

  1. Run Capacitor - According to professionals, about thirty percent of repair work phone calls are due to faulty run capacitors. The run capacitor is found attached to the blower motor, and their batteries tend to spoil. The number one way to avoid this problem is by cleaning the furnace of any dirt, debris, and other buildups.
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  3. Limit Switch - This is the most common problem HVAC owners come across. Over half of the calls for repair relate to a faulty limit switch. The function of a limit switch is to shut off the furnace at the beginning of danger. The switch does not turn back on until the unit is reset. The most common reason a limit switch turns off the furnace is dirty air filters. Keep your filters working by cleaning them regularly and replacing them when needed.
  4. Circuit Board - Issues with the circuit board account for about ten percent of all repair calls. Thankfully, these issues do not take a long time to fix and are typically due to wear and tear.

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