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HVAC Habits to Avoid in Short Hills, NJ

Many things can go wrong with an HVAC system. Sometimes it’s at no fault to the owners, while other times, it may be something you’re doing that causes issues to arise. A functional HVAC unit begins with installation. We are the best at air conditioning installation in Short Hills, NJ. We’ll make sure your unit is running correctly and efficiently. We also do air conditioning installation in Livingston, NJ.

Once your HVAC is installed correctly, it’s up to you to keep it running smoothly. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

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  1. Not performing inspections - Routine inspections are essential in the upkeep of your unit. Perform these every season, or at least once a year, with the help of a professional. Common things to do during an inspection are changing filters, topping off refrigerant, and making minor repairs.
  2. HVAC Short Hills NJ

  3. Not knowing the basics - We’re not asking you to become experts, that’s what we’re for, but familiarize yourself with the basics of HVAC. Knowing standard troubleshooting techniques goes a long way in HVAC maintenance.
  4. Using the wrong filters - Filters go a long way when it comes to HVAC maintenance, and not all filters are created equally. Consider several things when purchasing filters, such as MERV (filtering strength) rating and size. Check the user manual or contact us to ensure you’re buying the right filter for your unit.
  5. Never cleaning or replacing your filters - As we mentioned, filters are essential in the health of HVAC units. They tend to accumulate dirt, debris, and other buildup. Change your filters or replace them regularly.

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