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Central Air Conditioners in West Orange, NJ

When you’re in search of central air conditioning, it may become overwhelming when you realize how many types are on the market. Unless you work with air conditioners every day, it’s challenging to make sense of all the different types. We’ll go over the types so you can decide which works best for your needs. Once you’ve decided, give us a call for your air conditioning installation West Orange, NJ needs. We’re also always here for air conditioning repair in Newark.

Air Conditioning Installation West Orange, NJ

Packaged Air Conditioners These types of ACs work in one of two ways: heating plus cooling equipment, or they merge electric air conditioning and a heat pump. We install these units on the rooftop or just outside the home. Packaged air conditioners are a popular choice with commercial applications.

Air Conditioning Repair West Orange NJ

Split Systems Split systems are most popular in the United States. They are called split systems due to their ability to use outdoor and indoor components. If you already have a furnace for central heating, then you most likely have this type of cooling system.

Heat Pumps A heat pump AC is another type of split system. The unit supplies heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Air handlers are indoors while the heat pump cabinet is outdoors.

Ductless Mini-Splits

These types of units are an excellent choice if you want to cool your home or business without the use of ductwork. Other systems require the use of ductwork. Mini-splits have an outdoor heat pump or air conditioner, which connects to air handling units in different parts of the home.