What are the Four Types of Furnaces

Most people have heard the term furnace before; many do not know exactly what they are and how they work. In short, a furnace is the main powerhouse behind a home's heating system. It is important to remember that a furnace is not one size fits all. To ensure your HVAC West Orange NJ is running as it should, you should make us your first call.

HVAC West Orange NJ

HVAC West Orange NJ

A furnace is one of the most important parts of a home heating system. When you turn your thermostat to heat, it activates the

furnace and begins heating air. Next, a fan switches on to circulate warm air throughout the house. The type of furnace determines how heat is transferred from the system to your home. At the first sign trouble, you should reach out for the best furnace repair West Orange NJ has to offer you.

There are four types of furnaces, which include:


This fuel source is a by-product of gas and oil production. It is easy to store and is found in roughly 10% of American homes. It is an ideal option when gas and oil are not readily accessible in your area.


These furnaces are inexpensive, and in many cases, they cost almost half the cost of a natural gas furnace. It is also easy and economical to install these systems, which are known to last up to 10 years and beyond.


It is common to find these systems in homes in the northeast. These systems are not as efficient as a gas furnace, but they are cheaper to buy and install than a gas furnace.


These systems are highly economical, but only when they are newer systems. Old gas furnaces only operate at roughly 65% efficiency, where modern systems are closer to 98%. This fuel source is the most popular in the United States of America. To stay warm this winter, reach out for heating repair West Orange NJ.

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